A String of Days

Essays on Life

Lunch in Aricia — July 31, 2020

Lunch in Aricia

Agrippinus was a Roman statesman and Stoic philosopher who lived during the reign of Nero. One morning, a messenger brought him some terrible news: he was being exiled, effective immediately.

He responded, in true Stoic fashion, “Very well, then, we shall take our lunch in Aricia.”

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To the Well We Go — May 17, 2020
On “Stuff” vs. Life — March 7, 2020

On “Stuff” vs. Life

There are those blustery days, when the wind blows and covers the land with its breath. Along the way, rocks stay put, anchored to the land, unmoving; trees will sway, but barring hurricane-force winds, will remain rooted to the soil; a feather, however, like the opening scene of “Forrest Gump”, will let the wind happily take it where it may – no resistance, no definite plan in mind.

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A Big “Carpe Diem” Move — February 12, 2020