…in which we visit the Cliffs of Moher, I lose my iPhone on the Burren and Loreena McKennitt helps me find it.

A much more relaxed morning; we get up at 7:45AM, get dressed and head to the small dining room here in the B&B. The other guests aren’t up, so we get the table looking out towards the ocean and the cliffs – quite the view for breakfast!

The coffee is delicious, our host – Jimmy – is pleasant and gives us a few tips about the area. After breakfast, we gather up what we’ll need for the day and head to the Cliffs.

O'Brien Tower
O’Brien Tower

We make our way up to O’Brien Tower, from where we have an incredible view of the cliffs. They are spectacular, to say the least! This is actually the most visited place in Ireland, but fortunately this is mid-October, so the height of tourist season is over.

From the tower, we hike along the edge of the cliff; there are no barriers at all, so you’re free to get as close as you’d like, or even jump off if that’s what you want! We get to about 6 feet of the edge, and take the obligatory selfies, the “proof that we were really here and didn’t just dream this” pictures. It’s exhilarating and frightening all at the same time.

The trail along the cliffs' edge.
The trail along the cliffs’ edge.

It’s still early in the day, and the sun is not shining on the cliffs; it is behind the cliff face, and so the lighting is not great. After our walk, we decide to head back into town, grab some lunch, and then drive around the area.

For lunch we stopped at…a pub! A Guinness and a hamburger (delicious!), and we’re off again.

We drive north along the coast, stopping here and there to take pictures, and eventually enter an area known as The Burren. The landscape suddenly becomes very barren and rocky, but it is beautiful in its own way. We find a beach in Fanore, so we park the car and walk along the beach for a little bit.

The road through The Burren.
The road through The Burren.
Typical views of County Clare.
Typical views of County Clare.

By about 3:30PM, we decide to head back to the cliffs in order to catch the late afternoon sun shining on them. Along the way, I spot more scenery that looks cool so I stop to take more pictures.


We pass Doolin and take the road that leads up to the cliffs. Claire mentions that it’s too bad she didn’t bring her Loreena McKennitt CD’s, as it’d be great to be listening to that as we drive through County Clare. You see, we met when we went to her concert in Montreal last October, and after the first song, she started talking about how she’d been spending time in County Clare in Ireland. Although she is Canadian, her music is very influenced by Celtic and Moorish themes.

I agree with Claire – some Loreena McKennitt would be awesome right about now, so I think, “Hey! I’ve got my iPhone, so I can pair it with the VW and play some of her music!” So I pull over and reach into my vest to get my iPhone.

No iPhone.


I start looking around the car, and can’t see it. I think of my Apple Watch – if the iPhone is still in the car, the watch will still be paired.

It isn’t.


I had it at the beach, so I figure it must’ve dropped from my vest when I stopped at the last place to take some pictures, about 15 minutes away. We double back and I quickly find the spot. I park the car by the side of the road and cross over to where I had taken my pictures. I check my watch – it’s paired! There’s a function on the Apple Watch that lets you ping your iPhone, so I pull that up and press the button.

I hear my phone beeping in the grass!!!

Phew! There it is!

A sigh of relief, to say the least.

Back in the car, I pair the phone with the car, put on some Loreena McKennitt and start the drive back to the cliffs.

No doubt, the music set the mood perfectly for the vistas we were seeing!

We make it back to the cliffs around 5PM; the sun is getting lower – sunset is around 6:30. We head back up to O’Brien Tower and wait, along with about half a dozen other photographers waiting for the perfect light.

Sure enough, the light of the setting sun lights up the cliffs, and they are beautiful! I snap away, trying a bunch of different settings, angles, and compositions, hoping that I will get something that will do justice to what I’m looking at.

Once the sun disappears, we head back into Doolin, stop at…a pub!….and have supper. We’re both tired from the walking and the fresh air, so it’s back to the B&B fairly early.